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Fort Myers Bar

Fort Myers Bar

As a popular Fort Myers bar along McGregor Avenue, we see a broad range of people who come and go through our community.

Honestly, one of the most common themes we hear from guests is how Fort Myers offers something for everyone, whether or not you’re a tourist just visiting for a week or two.

All along the beach, you’ll find small taverns, gift shops, and the occasional live music venue. But there’s no Fort Myers bar like ours, and we work hard every night to give our guests a different kind of experience. Usually, tourists flock to Fort Myers’ beaches and resorts looking for good times and good music, yet we found out that not everyone who stopped by enjoys that kind of energetic atmosphere. They simply take what they can get when they arrive.

So, we saw an opening to do something different, to do something unique and make waves in the area. And you know, what? It worked! When you step into our cigar bar, you’re not just another tourist. We treat you like we’d treat someone stepping into the living room of our own home.

If there’s one thing missing in the Fort Myers area, it’s a getaway that’s not a seafood restaurant or a trendy dive. Along the beaches and marinas, you’ll find all sorts of establishments, and the sheer range of options is impressive, to say the least. Still, after a day out on the beach or out sailing the Gulf, not many people want to keep the party going. Some of us would much rather chill out, kick our feet up – and light up a fresh cigar!

It’s one thing to offer a few cigars here and there, but it’s another to spend the time to fill a top-class humidor with only great choices. The same thing goes for our beer & wine selection. There’s nothing that pairs with a mild, medium or full body cigar quite like a top-shelf wine.

We treat all of our guests like VIPs at Cigar Cutters, and we put our money where our mouth is! Text VIP to (855) 217-4299 to join our VIP text list, and you’ll receive an early heads up on exclusive items, events, and promotions. Best of all, if you sign-up today, you’ll receive a house cigar or drink of your choice and, maybe, a special surprise from us on your birthday. Please stop by our Fort Myers bar next time you go to the beach and see what we have to offer for you.